Volume 17   Number 2   2013


Issue Editor: Barbara Bokus


Małgorzata Puchalska-Wasyl, Piotr Oleś
Doubtfulness - a Dialogical Perspective

Anna Milanowicz
Irony as a Means of Perception through Communication Channels. Emotions, Attitude and IQ Related to Irony Across Gender

Ludmilla A'Beckett
Strategies to Discredit Opponents: Russian Presentations of Events in Countries of the Former Soviet Union

Joanna Smogorzewska
You Can Choose. or We Would Go to 'Turkeys' or to Houses" - Verbal Interactions of Five-Year-Old Children During Story Creation

Marcin Miłkowski
On the Social Nature of Linguistic Prescriptions

Nirnay Kumar Keshree, Suman Kumar, Shriya Basu, Madhushree Chakrabarty, Thomas Kishore
Adaptation of the Western Aphasia Battery in Bangla

Maisoun Abu Joudeh, Sabri Al-Shboul
Inflectional Change Patterns in Arabic

Short Communications

Jan E. Okuniewski
Book review: Robert C. Gardner, Motivation and Second Language Acquisition: The Socio-Educational Model